Last April I wrote about my daughter, Polly, and her mole catching hound Biddy.Two dead moles within a couple of weeks! No need for any Beagle EasySet mole traps in her household!
What I haven’t admitted is that a few weeks later her older sister, Lucy’s hound ,a sort of mini Italian greyhound cross called Ted, not to be outdone by Biddy, also demonstrated its mole catching skills by excavating and killing a mole in her garden. Hardly support from the family for my new enterprise! So I have until today kept it quiet.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, my wife and I stayed with Lucy and she showed me a long mole run adjacent to her drive where she had had a Beagle EasySet in place for a couple of weeks.The ground conditions were appalling. Sodden and extremely soft and virtually impossible to probe the line of the run. I lifted the trap, which had not triggered but was totally blocked with soft mud. It triggered instantly without any problem and I reset it and replaced in what seemed like a tunnel but to no avail.
This week I received an email from Lucy to confirm that with Ted’s assistance they had caught the mole. My heart sank. Not another failure!
But I was wrong.Using Ted as a search engine, he located the position of the mole and started to dig! He was hauled off before getting covered in mud, the run was located and exposed and a trap was carefully set. Next morning one dead mole in the excellent Beagle Easyset Mole Trap. Phew!!!