I was visiting a lovely country property the other day just after the awful flooding. The owners obviously took pride in their well laid out garden, but oh dear! the state of the terracing and outdoor hardwood furniture after a destructive winter was depressing.

The paved terrace black and slippery, the barbecue left out and rusting, the well made and expensive hardwood outdoor dining furniture deteriorating fast – Black, green and filthy from the winter elements. You certainly wouldn’t welcome planting your backsides on the seats or eating from the tables, when just for a little more effort and expenditure you could present and preserve something much more attractive! I talk of the properties of liquid bleach. A mild dilution with water in a bucket and then brushed on to a terrace and left (not rinsed off) can do wonders to reviving its appearance in the springtime.. For hardwood furniture try brushing the same dilution on before you put it away for winter. Ah! I hear you say, I haven’t got the space to put it away so I have to leave it out.

Ok, I hear you and this is where Bosmere come in. Take a look at their products for the garden and outdoor life: www.bosmere.com/products

I have been a fan of theirs for many years and they have really got their act together. The design, materials and range of products to protect outdoor furniture and equipment is outstanding.

So if you want to keep up appearances and protect your investment. Cover up!