There is no doubt about it that moles do not like encountering foreign bodies obstructing their tunnel runs!

The more the obstruction, the more determined they are either to avoid it, by diverting around it or blocking it up with earth and maybe even pushing it upwards out of the ground.

So the less the obstruction and the clearer the tunnel run, the better the chances of catching a mole.

The careful excavation and preparation of the trap hole and the proper alignment and placing of the trap is the key to success. It is important to ensure that all light is eliminated and at the same time making sure that no earth is falling into the tunnel, thus preserving a clear approach to the trigger mechanism.

So many people express their frustration at their lack of success in mole catching and I am certain that in most cases this is due to lack of care in preparation and placing, and ultimately the loss of patience!

My advice: Talk to friends who are successful, get a good book on the subject, and follow the instructions. Unlike most animal trapping skills you have to work at it and get down on your hands and knees.

Remember – there are no short cuts!