..from his daughters dog!
The email exchange between David, the inventor of The Beagle EasySet Mole Trap, and his daughter Polly went something like this..

Polly: “look what I caught mummy. Must tell Grandpa!” Biddy, the Mole Catcher!

David: Grrrrr!I can do without this competition!

Polly: Michael (son in law) thinks you should change the name from BEAGLE to MONGREL!

And then just a couple of days later…

Polly: Mole no.2! I can rent her out if you like?

David: Bloody hound! She will put me out of business!

Polly: Sorry about that! Mole catching runs in the family! You can swap notes when you next see her. She may have a tip or two she can share with you!