We recently had one of our lovely customers, who in utter frustration, said he was going to sell his house and move because the moles were ruining his lawn!

He had returned the trap that he had purchased from us ‘because it didn’t work’. Actually, it did work and there was nothing wrong with the trap, so I thought I had better call him and try and resolve the problem.

It transpired that he has been plagued with moles for the past seven years ruining his front lawn and despite using all sorts of traps and professional mole catchers the moles are breeding at a faster rate than he could catch them.

So as a last resort, having seen our advertisement, he bought a Beagle EasySet Mole Trap.

He followed the instructions carefully, placed it in the run and then NOTHING! Not tripped. Not blocked. Not pushed out of the ground. NOTHING!

You see the moles are actually not there at the moment and the reason is that it has been extremely dry in his area for sometime and the ground is as hard as concrete and the moles sustenance has descended to more humid depths and the moles have followed them down.

However, our customer looks out of the window at his front lawn and can see the bare patches where he has flattened the mole hills and knows he can find the runs. You can understand his frustration.

So I advised him to be patient and await the rain and new activity before trying again because surely they will return.

We returned the trap to him along with his cheque as a gesture of goodwill and we wish him all the best in his mole catching quest!