In 1990, before I invented the EasySet Mole Trap, I came up with a brilliant idea…If you put a ball in a tube trap, the mole would enter the trap and push the ball to the other end against the flap, and therefore it couldn’t get at the flap to try and lift it and escape.
Problem solved I thought…The success rate as compared with a straight tube without an obturator (a device that closes or blocks up an opening) improved and it had the added advantage of being able to hear a live mole pushing the ball against the flap.

I even applied for, and secured a worldwide patent. I had a couple of hundred made and thought that a fortune was just around the corner. But I didn’t exploit it and in any event I still encountered the old problem that ultimately moles don’t like foreign bodies in their runs and they continued to block them and push them out of the ground.

One further problem was that the trap was longer than the traditional tube traps without a ball and we all know that a mole doesn’t progress in a straight line, so lining up both entrances with the line of the tunnel was more difficult but it is vitally important to successful trapping.

An interesting point to add is that moles have strong teeth and do bite! They can and have taken great chunks out of the wooden balls that I used as obturators! So please keep your fingers clear if you are handling a live one!