Google “MOLE” and it will come up with bodily imperfections or a furry subterranean invader. In west Coast America it even will come up with a popular edible dish.

However, put in the word “TRAP” and the scene changes. There is a proliferation of information, advice, videos and promotions flogging antediluvian contraptions for eliminating talpa europaea, or the common mole to you and I.

So how do you choose the best and most effective trap?

Most of these traps were designed over a century ago and there has been very little change since. So when you come up with the exciting new design, the EasySet Mole Trap, that is amazingly effective, designed and made in Britain, how do you get the message across?

The answer is With Difficulty!

Over the past twelve months we have invested in very limited advertising (it’s expensive, particularly for a start up company!). We took a stand at the Malvern Spring Show which was a great success and we did the same across the country at Burghley Horse Trials. Again a great success (thank you customers).

But can you persuade journalists to review the product and get you some valuable editorial? Can you hell! Yes, they all love the product but when push comes to shove they all fight shy of the “fluffy animal brigade” and the ensuing “hate mail”.

So how are we getting the message across? Well, it’s all down to you. Our fabulous customers. Good old fashioned “word of mouth.”

And if you want to make the right choice then just take a look at the reviews on our web site. They say it all, from Austria to the USA, Cornwall to Scotland. Then purchase a couple of Beagle EasySet Mole Traps and become another satisfied customer.

But more especially keep the reviews coming. We value your continuing support and please tell a friend!