I suppose there will always some clever dick who will brag about their ability to bend standing and set a mole trap. Certainly not me! I don’t think I have seen my toes since I was about ten! So for the majority of us we will have to get down on our knees to excavate and prepare a mole run and then set and place the trap.

Now the probing and cutting the initial divot and perhaps lifting the first spadeful with your Beagle Folding Spade and can probably be done reasonably comfortably from the standing position and without too much bending.

But then it’s down on your knees and get at the run with your specially designed, ergonomic, Beagle run clearing Trowel to prepare the excavation ready to receive the trap.

You need to land on your knees safely and comfortably, protect your clothing and keep them clean so you need a nice padded kneeler. Which is exactly what you get when you purchase the Beagle Super Padded Kneeler.

Light weight, well padded, durable and washable and it stows away very conveniently in The Beagle Kit Bag with all the other kit. The kneeler is made for us by Bosmere Products who make a wide range of excellent garden and outdoor products.

Needless to say but these kneelers are versatile for domestic or religious purposes! In fact it would be a welcome idea if some religious establishments replaced their old moth eaten kneelers with some new ones and if local worthies wish to cover them with tapestry in the hope of getting a better position at the gates, then God bless them!

You could be excused for feeling that I have been padding (ha ha!) this blog out. You are right I have; there is a limited amount you can eulogise on the subject of Kneelers! Let us pray!