I have always been told, and do believe that mole hills are the spoil of mole excavations and are shunted by the mole up a cul-de-sac and out onto the surface and form mole hills.

I have been preaching that traps should not be placed in the mole hills themselves, but in the run between a couple of hills.

Well just to disprove this advice, a customer of ours, Brian from Cheshire, wrote to us recently to tell us that he had successfully trapped no less than seven moles and had done so by placing the traps straight into the tunnel directly under the mole hill!

I immediately responded expressing my surprise. He then responded saying that he had caught another mole over night placing the trap in the hill in the same manner and saying that it saved a lot of time searching for the run!

I am certainly going to try this myself when I can find some activity – as most of my moles have got the message about the Beagle Easyset Mole Trap and have very wisely bxxxxxxd off!

I would love to hear from anyone else who has successfully trapped moles in this manner.


Inventor of the EasySet Mole trap