The very careful preparation of the hole you have excavated into which you are going to place your Beagle EasySet Mole Trap is essential for a successful trapping.

It is inevitable that when cutting your divot and digging out the spoil, some will fall into the run and back up the tunnel either side of the excavated hole.

Whilst you might be able to get most of it out with the Beagle spade, you will need a trowel or scoop to clean out the approaches and the base of the excavated hole of loose soil and you also need a trowel to finish the excavation and maybe dig out a stone or two.

Secateurs are also useful from time to time to cut out an obstructive root. You also need to tamp down the base of the run to ensure a clear run. Too much soil left in the tunnel and beneath the set trap and it is highly likely that a mole will push it forward and block the trap.

Many trowels are too long or too wide or too flat to do this effectively, so at Beagle we have designed a special trowel for this purpose.

Firstly the blade and handle of our trowel have been shortened so that you can get into the excavation and poke it up the tunnel either side. Also it is of optimum width (5 cms) so that it will poke up the average mole tunnel and can be used to draw back loose soil. The leading edge is slightly pointed to ease this process; it has also been reasonably sharpened to remove obstacles or trim the sides of the excavation so that the trap will fit snugly and be set in proper alignment.

It has a nice deep scoop for soil removal and a superb ergonomically designed handle. Moreover, turn it upside down and the top of the handle can be used for tamping down the base of the excavation prior to placing the trap!

In short, Perfect!

Although especially designed for the Beagle Kit it is also a damned good general purpose trowel and as the ergonomically designed handle implies, extremely comfortable to use.