It needs little emphasis that the very nature of subterranean mole trapping means that sooner or later the effective performance of any trap will be compromised by environmental conditions and in particular the effects of soil, dirt and the wet. In simple parlance with usage if a trap is not properly maintained it will not be effective.

Most traps are set in the ground and are covered in to block out the light from the mole run. Their springs and trigger parts come into close or direct contact with the soil. If they are not thoroughly cleaned after use by washing out in a bucket of water and rinsed then sooner or later they will not operate effectively and trigger instantly and powerfully.

The Beagle EasySet Mole Trap has one advantage over most mole traps in that the springs and trigger mechanism are contained in a tough plastic box and thus avoid direct contact with the soil. None the less, soil and damp can penetrate inside ,especially if pushed in by a mole blocking the trap with soil or left in the ground for some time. This can have the effect of a delayed or no discharge principally due to the trigger sticking inside the two guides either side of the trap body.

Although this is a rare occurrence, our strong recommendation is to wash the traps after use in a bucket of warm soapy water and then rinse. And then test by arming the trap and discharging by pressing on the trigger (use a stick if you haven’t got the courage to use your finger! They are a bit scary when they go off but won’t harm you provided that you don’t put your finger through the loop!!) Incidentally at this point we strongly recommend testing the trap every time in this manner for instant discharge before placing it in the ground. If you encounter a more persistent problem then have no fear about taking the trap apart .Four screws and a Philips screwdriver does it, and you will be amazed how simple it all is; give it a thorough cleanse and reassemble it . It all packs in very neatly (not all fingers and thumbs trying to cram it all together with springs popping out!) Replace the four screws and tighten but don’t over tighten as this could compress the trigger in the guides.

Now there is one question to which in all honesty I don’t know the answer and that is the use of lubricants oil or silicones. It is well known that moles have an aversion to strange smells: for example moth balls are used as deterrents by some people. I have drizzled a little three in one on springs and trigger guides and it has had no demonstrable effect on the ability to trap moles. But a client of Beagle from Wisconsin advises against the use of lubricants because after a period of time the residue tends to become sticky and attract dirt and grime creating a bigger problem of cleansing rather than a quick soapy wash and rinse.

Your views on this subject would be very welcome.

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