A charming country gentleman walked onto the Beagle stand on the second day at last year’s Badminton Horse Trials and enquired as to the price for an EasySet Mole Trap.

I replied “Seventeen pounds fifty for one: Thirty pounds for two”

“In which case I would like one at the reduced price and if it works I promise I will buy another”

“OK” I responded and swiped his credit card.

It was only then that I recognised his name.We had been close friends in our early days at school but then had parted company as we progressed to different schools and so through life.This was our first meeting for 63 years!

We reminisced. “Strange” he said “I was only thinking about you the other day when I found a photo of us together cutting grass.We must have been about twelve years old”.

For the next two remaining days of the event ,he called at the stand and we continued to reminisce.

At the end of last year I sent him a Christmas card and expressed the hope that we would meet again in 2015.

Sadly he died on the 8th of January.

I am very sad.Perhaps we will meet again sometime?

RIP.RICHARD MEADE. OBE. Triple Olympic Gold Medalist. Britain’s most successful Olympian in three-day eventing.