So technically it is still winter and you may be thinking that you don’t need to start worrying about your lawn until the start of spring… However with a little care and attention now your lawn will be in good shape for the coming spring.

Firstly, use a light rake or brush to keep the lawn free of leaves and debris.

Then aerate consolidated areas of the lawn with a fork or with a spiking machine. This will relieve compaction, improve drainage and allow more air into the root system leading to a healthier lawn.

Remember worms improve the nutrient content of soil and are beneficial to the soil structure. (another good reason to keep your lawn mole free, as they eat the worms!) Worm casts are best left to dry and then swept or brushed away with a stiff brush.

And of course there is the ‘when to start mowing?’ debate…

Our friends at The Lawn Company have some great advise. They say that if and when we get some finer spring like weather, then this would be an ideal time to mow the lawn and the effect of mowing the lawn will stimulate additional growth. Check out their blog for more excellent lawn care tips

As always we welcome any lawn care tips and advise you may have, just leave us a comment below!